Yoga - Sept. 2017 - June 2018


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Yoga based on "Vanda Scaravelli" with Tannice Goddard

Monday Class

January 11 - April 25
(skip Feb 15, March 28)

14 weeks $203.00 ($14.50 per class) $16 drop in

5:30pm to 7:15pm beginner/intermediate

Wednesday Class

January 13- April 13

14 weeks $203.00 ($14.50 per class) $16 drop in

1pm to 2:45pm

5:30pm to 7:15pm




Vanda Scaravelli Yoga - Tannice Goddard is a yoga instructor trained in the principles of Vanda Scaravelli through Esther Myers' Yoga Studio in Toronto, where she completed the two-year certified Teacher Training. For the past 19 years she continues to advance her own study of yoga through classes at the studio and extended retreats and workshops. She has taught retreats at the Dharma Centre of Ontario, Rossland B.C, Bridgewater Retreat, and Northumberland Heights, Ontario and provides weekly classes at different locations in Northumberland County. She also enjoys sharing aspects of vinyasa, kundalini, and kripalu yoga keeping her learned principles as the ground from which to explore.

Infrared Sauna - is a safe, effective way to rid your body of toxins without causing a healing crisis. It is low heat sauna specifically designed to remove toxins from our body. It penetrates the outer two inches only, and triggers your sweat glands to start functioning before your core body temperature goes up. That means you sweat profusely without feeling hot. Proven results have been documented in aiding arthritis, asthma and heart disease when used regularly.

$24 for one 30 minute session, one week skin cleanse (5 sessions) $99, with 1 facial $159, 1 month weight loss (18 sessions in 4 weeks) $249, pain free in 8 weeks (22 sessions) $300.

Please contact Tannice if you would like more information. She can be available on a one-on-one teaching within Cobourg and Port Hope.

Facebook: Northumberland Yoga